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As a Self-leadership and Career Coach, I believe that well-being fuels our energy, energy drives motivation, and when motivation is combined with discipline, success happens! My mission is to empower mid-career professionals in the Tech and Finance industry to achieve their goals through well-being, discipline, and performance programs.

🤯 Dealing with bad emotions

⭐️ Finding clarity on goals and paths

💪 Making decisions and overcoming indecisiveness

😴 Overcoming procrastination

💥 Building confidence

🚫 Breaking bad habits

🔥 Boosting motivation and energy levels

👉 Addressing self-esteem and self-love issues

👥 Improving relationships and communication skill

If you're facing any of these challenges, let's connect and work together to help you achieve your full potential and create a happier, healthier, and more successful professional and personal life.


Our Client Says!

Working with Leila has been a real insightful experience. She helped me clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve my career objectives, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. Leila’s approach and tools allowed me not only realize my strengths, appreciate my journey but also uncover my self-limitations and overcome my blockers. I feel more confident and empowered to take on new challenges and opportunities when I have a clear understanding of my goals and a plan in place to achieve them.

Nur Hakiima Zainol Abidin | Deal Manager, Microsoft, Singapore

Working with Leila has been a great experience… Her ability to really listen has allowed me to go deeper and clearly articulate clear thoughts and feelings, what I want to achieve and more importantly how, taking into consideration what works for me and not anyone else. Having worked with her in the past, I knew I could trust her; she’s deeply involved and keen on helping other achieve their goals.She takes you on a journey of self-discovery to help you meet your objectives, always with kindness and with a smile. I highly recommend you partner with Leila!

Nevine Ismael | Product Marketing Manager, Pigment, France

I have several coaching sessions with Leila. Leila’s coaching style and approach made me very comfortable and safe, and gave me space to reflect, while at the same time challenging me when she felt I was staying on the surface. She asked thought-provoking questions without being intrusive, and she sometimes reflected back things in a way that made me see links I was not aware of. Beside building awareness, she also led the sessions in such a way that it was action driven at the end – exactly what I needed as I tend to overthink and delay action. Thank you Leila!”

Edwige Takassi  | CEO, Women in Financial Inclusion Africa Consulting

I found Leila's coaching sessions to be a safe and open space for sharing. Leila has a great ability to put me at ease, and her guidance helped me gain clarity, even when I was unsure of which direction to head in. Her thought-provoking questions helped me unravel my thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of myself. After each session, I felt empowered and had concrete action steps to take moving forward.

Sarojni Matai   | Psychologist, Netherlands

I approached Leila to help coach me with my personal and career development. Leila's attentive, caring and encouraging nature really helped me to open up to coaching (my first time). I became noticeably happier, more open, less stressed and more confident. I even had a few people asking me about my change and how am I able to talk to just anyone! Seriously, I was not any of that until now.

I still have more to achieve and improve but her coaching has helped me realise how I need to put more faith in myself, build on that confidence, have clearer objectives and most importantly, to lead a healthier, happier life. Thanks Leila and Eylee Growth!

Kasthuri Gengadaren  | APAC Ecosystem Manager, Anaplan